My first book review

                      Percy Jackson and the Olympians : The Lightening Thief

One of the best books I read in a long time after the Harry Potter series. It has a blend of both modern and Greek mythology.

The book revolves around Percy Jackson who is a demigod and goes to Camp Half-blood and finds a bunch other kids who are also Half-bloods.

The book is based in New York and around.

It has a mysterious plot and finishes  a neutral ending.

As it is a really famous book it is available in all book stores.

Hope you have fun reading this book.   



Well readers

Dear Readers,

I am really sorry that my food song was not written and i will not publish it.

But I will like to introduce a new topic that I really really love.And the topic is-




                I will write reviews and opinions on my favorite books and even rate them.