Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters


This is the second Percy Jackson book.It has as many twist and turns as in a roller coaster.   The perfect sequel.It also introduces many new characters.All in all a beautiful action-packed book

Happy Reading




My first book review

                      Percy Jackson and the Olympians : The Lightening Thief

One of the best books I read in a long time after the Harry Potter series. It has a blend of both modern and Greek mythology.

The book revolves around Percy Jackson who is a demigod and goes to Camp Half-blood and finds a bunch other kids who are also Half-bloods.

The book is based in New York and around.

It has a mysterious plot and finishes  a neutral ending.

As it is a really famous book it is available in all book stores.

Hope you have fun reading this book.   


Well readers

Dear Readers,

I am really sorry that my food song was not written and i will not publish it.

But I will like to introduce a new topic that I really really love.And the topic is-




                I will write reviews and opinions on my favorite books and even rate them.




The Official flag

So here’s presenting the flag of my 

”Food song”.Image

                                                                                             yours, Suditi                                         

The Food Song

I thought that we should present food in a new way.And that way is poetry.

So i am making a song on it .Help me by commenting,posting and giving me ideas.


                                                                                                      -Suditi Jha

Food And Fodder

Hi I am Suditi Jha.

I am 11 years old and study in class VI.I mainly made this blog because i like food and cooking.I like reviewing restauraunts and rating them.I will right recipes and define cooking terms.Hopefully you will agree with them.Add posts so i will be able to write ratings of your Restaurants.